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Frequently Asked Questions

Most people have a few questions before they go into the home selling process.  Here are some of the common questions people ask us and what our answers are.  If you still have a question, please give a call.  We’re always available and ready to speak with you, (713) 777-9998.

Will you be listing my property on the MLS or actually buying it?

Although we are licensed real estate agents, we will not be listing your house.  We are professional home buyers and buy Houston homes that meet our criteria.  From there, we may repair the house, resell it, or keep it as a rental.  We have restored many houses, apartments, and even commercial properties.

Do you pay fair prices for properties?

We buy many of our houses at below market value.  We receive a fair discount on the property because we provide a valuable service to our customers.  We keep cash on hand and make ourselves available so that we can move and act on the selling process quickly.  Our customers do not have to entertain buyers, qualify them, wait for financing, nor deal with realtors.  For these services, we earn our fair margin.  It’s a win-win situation for all parties involved.  For our customers, the process is quick and painless.  You get to deal with our friendly staff of home buying experts!

How do you determine what price to offer me for my house?

We try to be as transparent as possible and give you as much of the fair value of the house as we can. One mistake home owners often make is when they look at comparable they do not consider the repairs, holding costs, and realtor fees that are required to make the house sellable to a retail homebuyer. Someone buying a house for themselves and their family to live in have a much bigger wishlist than we do. As the house sits on the market, it will be up to you to continue paying the home expenses including maintenance, taxes, and depreciation. It will be up to you to repair the house to standard that is expected for the retail market. Normally that means updating the house to modern standards including granite counters, open concept architecture, and other improvements. Further, there is no guarantee that the house will sell. Selling a house retail is a tricky business in a down market.

Are there any fees or commissions when we sell to you?

No, you will not have to pay any fees or commissions when you sell to us. Often, we can even pay the closing costs so you will not be out of pocket a single dime. We are a full service real estate buyer and can provide many services including credit repair and even relocation assistance.

Why don't I sell with a realtor and try to realize the full market price of my house?

A real estate agent will list your house on the market on show the house to potential buyers. Whether they purchase depends on many factors including market demand (houses are taking increasingly longer to sell as the market softens, sometimes 6 to 12 months), condition of the house, and desirability of the neighborhood. Realtors will take a portion of the purchase as their compensation, normally as much as 6% of the price. When you sell to us, you can expect the full offer price without any commissions or fees. That’s because we buy the house with the intent to hold it as an investment. We’ll restore the house to its former glory and provide a promising new family a wonderful place to live.

Is there any obligation once I submit my information?

Absolutely not. Once you send us you contact information, we’ll set up a call, ask you a bit about your house and your situation and make an offer that makes sense for you and us. It will be completely your decision whether you want to sell to us or not. It is our job to let you know what the options are so you can make the best informed decision possible.